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Flowers have always been a part of me. My first job was field harvesting at a local Flower Farm producing drieds for catalog sales. Even before that I would cut and design bouquets for my mom with blooms from her garden and foraging from the sides of the road. As I have moved through this world flowers have been there as a friend, creative outlet, and a way I can express how I feel about the beauty of creation.

Forage is a flower shop run out of my home studio. I design arrangements and deliver bouquets around Whidbey Island. I can help you with floral for your dining room table, a friend, for your wedding or a special event. Nothing is too big or too small!  It is important to me to work with local, in season flowers, so I partner with many of our local flower farmers, use flowers from my own garden, forage from the wild, as well as working with wholesale flowers dealer to insure we are able to get great flowers anytime of year. I love designing bouquets that are beautiful, unique and inspired by nature.

Every order is cared for and customized to offer you a unique experience. I want the person receiving flowers to feel how much you care! 


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding what we offer, or to obtain a quote.


Peace ~ Lexi Ochoa